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Greek Orthodox Metropolis Of San Francisco

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church


Saint George Church Stewardship


   As Orthodox Christians, we are called to be stewards (caretakers) of our Church family – those with whom we worship, fellowship and serve the community. In the same way that we care for our immediate family, we also care for our Christian brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. In addition, we are stewards of our Church facility, its ministries and its maintenance just as we would for our own home for the blessing and well being of our family.

   In the Gospel of Saint Matthew (6:19), Jesus instructs us, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal….” Often in life, we pursue and collect those things that do not last. We must ask, “One hundred years from now, where will our possessions be?” Our greatest blessing is our family. As Orthodox Christians, we are called to be stewards of this great gift. If we are faithful to this calling, perhaps our Lord will say to us as he did to the faithful steward, “Well done good and faithful servant." Matt 25:23

   Please review the many ministries offered by your parish family in the pages enclosed. Your giving provides the means for you to follow God’s will and to support the work of the Church which glorifies God and makes Christ the center of our lives.

   We ask that you please make your heartfelt stewardship pledge for Current year and prayerfully consider becoming a faithful stward (see the commitment form) and bring your commitment form to the church, or simply mail it to the Church office. 
Also our parish emphasizes the Orthodox and Biblical teaching of weekly giving – which makes contributing toward your annual pledge easier. Simply use the stewardship envelopes you receive in the mail for each week. 

   We deeply thank you for your gifts of love, support and commitment to your family.

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